Just like in sports, a writing coach performs a plethora of functions depending on your particular needs. No matter where you are in writing, from just beginning to winning awards, a writing coach can help you optimize your skills, your manuscript, and your writing journey.

Our writing coach holds the highest degree in Creative Writing … a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction and Fiction (higher than a Masters Degree!). She has published eight books, with two more projects slated to launch in 2020, is president of a writing organization, and teaches frequently at workshops and writing conferences.

Some of the things a writing coach can do are:

  • Consult with you for a short time
    • help you brainstorm a project
    • identify areas of your writing needing attention
    • address a particular piece of writing
    • work through a problematic narrative issue
    • help you develop and implement writing goals or a business plan
  • Provide mid-length help for a defined period of time
    • Maybe you’re in the final stages of a full-length manuscript and you need some guidance and encouragement as you edge toward the finish line
    • Maybe you’ve set yourself the task of diving into an unfamiliar genre and need some help to understand the new terrain
    • Or you’ve finished your manuscript and now need to address the editing and marketing side of things
  • Work with you long term (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly consults)
    • As an ongoing critique partner
    • As a one-on-one mentor
    • As a dedicated writing instructor
    • Or just to keep you on track, answer questions, and encourage you

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