Whether you’re working your way through a first draft or have made a dozen passes, all agents and publishers recommend a professional edit before submitting your work. The old adage “You only get one chance to make a first impression” is never truer than in the publishing industry.

ADS can help with:

Substantive Editing

This looks at a project as a whole, identifying larger problems such as logic gaps, fractured narrative arc, character development, plot flaws, and thematic issues.

What you’ll get

A whole-manuscript read-through and a report of identified issues and suggestions on how to address any problems.


This form of editing takes a more line-by-line approach. Not only will larger flaws be identified, but our team will go line by line, identifying smaller, but just as problematic issues. These make include problems with tense flipping, factual plot or character errors, point of view issues, grammatical and spelling errors, repetition, author intrusion, etc. This kind of editing is not meant to be the final pass, but it is comprehensive and should catch most errors.

What you’ll get

A very detailed, line-by-line edit with a summary report. Detailed edits are found via track changes in the margins and the summary will include substantive issues as well as suggestions for handling the most prevalent smaller issues.

Copy Editing

This is a last pass check for any obvious spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors as well as incorrect word choices (your/you’re, there/their, etc.) and glaring formatting errors. It’s not looking at content, theme, or any of the larger issues, however. With a copy edit, you’re putting the final shine on your manuscript and should be the very last thing you do before submitting to an agent, editor, or publisher. If you edit, revise, or critique again, you’ll need another copy edit. So wait until your manuscript is ready before taking this necessary step.

What you’ll get

A copy of your manuscript with any necessary changes noted via track changes.

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