Writing can be a bit of a lengthy process. Especially if you’re including characters or subjects you’re not entirely familiar with. Yet, you want your manuscript to be as authentic as possible, right? So … to the library or the Internet, you go.

The fact is, quality research can take a whole lot of time. Time most writers just don’t have.

Enter ADS.

Our diverse team has a wealth of experience in research … including a principle with a law degree (Juris Doctor, valedictorian), a paralegal, a writing coach, a writing teacher, and a certified genealogist. Our eclectic combined life experiences cover topics like: adoption, foster care, living in England, pioneer history and living, musical theatre, and knitting.

  • Need to know something about horses in the wild west? We can help.
  • Have a character who needs to know how to make bacon from scratch? Call on us.
  • Need to understand some of the emotions surrounding adoption, abuse, or alcoholism? We can provide you with information and resources to help you flesh out your characters or storyline.

Contact us for a free consultation to see if we can help you bring your article, essay, or novel to life.