Platform. The “P” word most writers loathe. Why? It feels like you’re blindly making a guestimate when you’re identifying your target audience and figuring out how to connect best.

But agents, editors, and, especially, publishers don’t want guesses. They want quantifiable facts.

So, what if those facts were at your fingertips? And what if you had access to exact, specific data … that was always up-to-the-minute current?

And what if it was unbelievably easy to do?

Analytics is a fancy word, but it’s just data. Data you need. Not just to confidently portray your target audience to any industry professional interested, but to understand them on the deepest possible level. Even a micro-adjustment in your content or marketing can reap huge benefits. Knowing your audience to the tiniest of details can help you make those adjustments. The results? You’ll be better prepared to connect with your target audience and serve them well.

And, of course, keep those publishers happy!

Let ADS implement Google Analytics tracking on your site and you’ll be able to collect information such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographical Location
  • Most popular pages
  • Number of visits
  • Time spent on the site and particular pages
  • And so much more

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